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Pelican Services

Here are the steps that we take to Design, Install and Maintain your property


Initial Landscape Design
FREE Consultation

The primary objective of the initial free consultation is to get to know the Southwest Florida customer, their family or business, and their expectations for a completed landscape. We take this knowledge, along with several measurements and photos of your property, and begin to create a design.

Make an Appointment

Design & Presentation

Now that we have the information we need, we begin the design process. Upon presentation, we will share the ideas we have created and put on paper. Accompanying the design will be photo examples of elements incorporated in your design, product samples, and cost estimates. Upon review of these items, we develop the project parameters and establish a timeline for implementation of your project.


Work Begins

Your project is underway! Our crews construct, manipulate, build and plant to realize the vision we have created on paper. We enjoy sharing the excitement of creating new spaces and are happy to take time to explain the installation process.


Time To Enjoy!

We have completed installation and wish to familiarize you with the landscape created. We want you to understand how your landscape works. We will walk you through the project and point out specific areas which require maintenance, point out ornamental features, and answer any questions you may have about the project.